Suleiman Hamyar Suleiman

Suleiman Hamyar Suleiman

Mr. Suleiman Hamyar Suleiman currently works at the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) as a coordinator of final year projects under the department of Computer Science and IT. He also serves as chairman of Tanzania Information Ethics (TANIE). He has more than ten years of experience teaching in IT-related fields.

Mr. Suleiman has received a Master of Electronics Product Design from University of Glarmorgan U.K (2003), and he has also completed Postgraduate Diploma in Social work from Open University of Tanzania (2013). He obtained his first degree in computer science from Mysore University India (2000). He has completed several trainings in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, including coaching and mentorship.

His areas of interest include open source, information ethics, networking, security and IT audit, Windows and Linux Server administration, and empowering youth through creativity and innovation. Other related areas of interest are community development and entrepreneurship. He can be contacted at or

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