Mramba Makange Manyelo

Mramba Makange Manyelo

Mr. Mramba Makange Manyelo is the Chief Finance and Operations Officer at the Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBi). Through his long career, he has also served as the Director of Business Finance Consultants; Country Project Coordinator for the UNDP-funded GNBA Project; Financial Controller of Poverty Africa Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda; and Senior Auditor – Cooperatives Auditing and Supervision Corporation. He also served as a member of the UN Volunteers Board in Tanzania, a council member in the TCRA Consumer Consultative Council, and is currently a member of the Tanzania National Council for Technical Education (NACTE).

Mr. Mramba offers wide experience in governance and SMEs business experience in Tanzania. He was instrumental in the Savings and Credit Societies Modernization Program, which was initiated by Savings and Credit Union League of Tanzania (SCCULT) in collaboration with Small Enterprises Loan Fund (SELF) . Mr. Mramba actively participated in the SMEs capacity building program as a trainer through SELF, which was a program under the Vice President’s Office. He also worked with ILO Tanzania as a business consultant in the Women Entrepreneurs Program.

Mr. Mramba also conducted several capacity building programs in financial management and best practices through the Prime Minister’s Office Regional Administration and Local Governments throughout Tanzania. He was accredited by GIZ as a Local Government Authorities (LGAs) trainer. Mr. Mramba is trained in finance and accounting, ICT and telecom laws, ICT policies, and scientific computing.

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