Ahmada Lyamaiga

Ahmada Lyamaiga

Mr. Ahmada Lyamaiga has been working in the field of ICT since 1973. He graduated from the University of Dar es Salaam in 1978 with a Masters of Computer Science and has attended various short courses both locally and internationally, studying computer programming, system analysis designs, computer networking, and simulations. He has written computer programs with Java, Visual Basic, Cobol, Fortran, XML and Pascal.

Mr. Lyamaiga is the Founder and CEO of Ports and Maritimes Consultancy Services Company Limited, established in April 2008. The company deals with applications software development, marketing and distribution. He is also the Team Leader for the development of Application Software of SACCOS Management Systems. In this role he intends to assist the SACCOS members community by modernizing their operations at affordable costs.

Building on a long history of ICT expertise, in the last 10 years Mr. Lyamaiga has led his team to develop computer packages and offer consultancy services in the areas of accounting, payroll processing, management information systems, business system processes, and adoption of ICT into business processes.

Before retirement from public service in September 2008, Mr. Lyamaiga was the in-charge of the Directorate of Management Services, which encompasses varying but related disciplines to provide TPA with services on ICT, work study, assignments to improve port performance and enhancement of information flow, compliance and settings of Total Quality Standards, library services and job evaluation. Supervision of these activities, coupled with management training, greatly enhanced Mr. Lyamaiga’s communication and management skills during this time.

Mr. Lyamaiga also served as Director of Management Services TPA/THA; in charge of the department with a workforce of 52 staff. He personally steered the implementation of the total integration of computerized systems covering all port activities, including marine and port operation and office automation.

In addition to this work, Mr. Lyamaiga has served as a consultant on international projects. These assignments include: Chief Coordinator for the formation of the Port Community Forum and the development of the common platform for exchanging shipping and cargo information among stakeholders; Chairman of East Africa Transport Corridor Technical Committee charged with sharing information on Imports/Exports cargo movement in the Northern and Central corridors; and Member of the implementation team of Advance Cargo Information System (ACIS), developed by UNCTAD, to facilitate trade logistics for COMESA member states.

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