DLIIC received over 340 applications for the fourth challenge window. The judges have been busy reviewing these applications and selecting the best ideas for a final pitch event. We expect to announce the winners in October 2018.

DLIIC received over 180 applications for the fifth challenge window. The judges have been busy reviewing these applications and selecting the best ideas for a final pitch event at Sahara Sparks. We expect to announce the winners in November 2018.

After evaluating all eligible applications, DLIIC will contact all applicants by email to inform them of their application’s status. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified that they have not progressed to the next round. We encourage unsuccessful candidates to stay engaged in our social networks to learn about other funding opportunities! Finalists will be invited to pitch their ideas to a panel of local judges. After this pitch event, winners will also be notified by email.

DLIIC is not planning to launch another challenge window. The DLIIC project is ending in December 2018. However, the work of DLIIC will continue at the Tanzania dLab NGO. This will include future innovation challenges! Visit www.dlab.or.tz to stay informed about the next challenge window. Until then, follow DLIIC on social media to learn about other funding opportunities from around the world.

The DLI Innovation Challenge is funded by PEPFAR in the context of the MCC-PEPFAR DCLI program and focuses on efforts related to Health and Wellbeing (SDG 3), Gender Equality (SDG 5), and Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8). Before each Challenge Window, DTBi uses a participatory and consultative process with Tanzanian stakeholders, including pertinent government authorities and other institutions relevant to the Challenge focus area. A long list of themes is reviewed, adjusted, developed and tested through focus groups before selecting the final Challenge themes.

After you submit your application, you should receive an automated email confirming your submission and providing a PDF copy of your application form. If you do not receive this confirmation email, contact us at info@dli.teknohama.or.tz for assistance.

DLIIC follows an established, structured process for reviewing applications and selecting winners. First, DLIIC evaluates all applications against the set eligibility criteria. Eligible applications are then reviewed by the DLIIC project management team using the set evaluation criteria. To read the eligibility criteria and evaluation criteria, visit our Apply Page and read the Applicant Resource Handbook. Finalists pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. These judges are local experts in the challenge themes. Based on the judges’ scores, winners are selected from among the finalists. Winners must pass a pre-award assessment before being awarded a DLIIC grant.

Individuals and small teams can win up to US$25,000. Registered organizations can win up to US$100,000.

The funds are intended to help successfully translate your idea into an innovative solution or product that addresses one of the Challenge themes. You will have to report progress towards that goal and how you spend the funds to the DTBi Grants Manager and/or your local mentor.

In addition to receiving money, winners will be paired with a local mentor. This mentor will help them develop their innovative ideas into a final product.

You will be helping to address a Tanzanian need and improve lives while also building your design, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation skills. As a participant in the DLI Innovation Challenge, you will also have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other Tanzanian innovators, developers, data enthusiasts, and solution providers. Connecting with the DLI Innovation Challenge may lead to future opportunities to improve the use of data and make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

At this time, DLIIC does not issues certificates of participation to challenge applicants. We encourage you to use a copy of your application as evidence of your participation.

In addition to awarding grants, DLIIC aims to engage, support, and connect Tanzanian innovators, developers, and solution providers to each other and to opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives by increasing the use of or access to data. Connect with us on social media to learn about data use and entrepreneurship, connect with other innovators, hear advise from experts, and find out about additional funding opportunities.