Calling Innovation Funders to Co-Invest in Scaling up Data-Driven Solutions

Calling Innovation Funders to Co-Invest in Scaling up Data-Driven Solutions

Calling Innovation Funders to Co-Invest in Scaling up Data-Driven Solutions

DLIIC is launching a new scale-up innovation challenge to continue supporting grantees who have successfully completed the milestones for their project, developed a working prototype, and secured co-funding support from an external partner.  We are looking for external partners and funders including government, donors, private sector, NGOs, or individuals, who can provide 25%-50% of the funding and DLIIC will fund the rest. This is an exciting opportunity to help grow the impact of solutions that are already working.

Most of the 22 grants awarded by DLIIC to date have been given to individuals or teams with new ideas, rather than grants to scale up existing innovation projects. Many of these grantees successfully developed a prototype and gained interest from local government officials and NGOs. With excitement building around these projects, DLIIC wants to extend this innovation momentum to support grantees who were successful in their initial innovation project implementation, by bringing other funding and investment partners on board.

Eligibility citeria for DLIIC scale-up funds include:

  • Working prototype with successful testing and proof of concept
  • Potential for sustainability/uptake
  • Demonstrated financial management
  • Geographical alignment – scale up must include PEPFAR or Global Fund priority districts
  • Availability of interested partners and co-funding

If you are a funder, investor, government or NGO official with an interest in innovation, this is an opportunity to throw your weight behind long-term social change innovations that are contributing to economic growth, improving health and promoting gender equality.

What can DLIIC do for innovators? More funding opportunities are on the horizon as we plan the 4th and 5th challenge windows. Sign up for our newsletter, connect with us on social media, and visit the Apply page to stay up-to-date on challenge announcements.



The Data for Local Impact Innovation Challenge (DLIIC) identifies, networks, and supports youth and entrepreneurs to create data-driven solutions for real life problems. As part of this work, DLIIC hosts innovation challenge windows that promote data use to improve health, protect girls, and empower youth. In 2017, DLIIC identified and awarded 22 grants to two cohorts. The first grantee cohort finished their projects in November 2017, and the second grantee cohort is expected to finish soon.

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